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New Artwork!!!

Mon Apr 1, 2013, 10:03 PM
Hello, lovelies. :blackrose:

I hope this journal finds you all well and happy. I apologize for being such a ghost around these parts lately, but there are only so many hours in the day, you know. Everyone, even immortals, must obey the laws of time. ;)

But I am here now and it is my pleasure to share with you some gorgeous new artwork I have received of the characters from Bound by Blood.

Commish: Dagmar x Kieran by Piku-chwan
By Piku-chwan
My two lovebirds Kieran and Dagmar sharing a tender moment. I just adore them in this's one of their favorites.

Laid back Inferno by RiamAzariel
By RiamAzariel
A typical night out at Inferno, all the boys having a lovely time out on the town.
Good gods, Riam did such a fantastic job bringing Inferno to life, didn't she?
And Laurent, darling, I just have to point out what a snappy dresser you are.

And finally, but by no means the least of this gorgeous collection:
Commission: Teddy, Laurent, and Sean by Innervalue
By Innervalue
The ménage à trois...proof that opposites often do attract.

Feast your eyes upon the incredible darlings will delight in your attention. ;)

Until next time, lovelies.

:blackrose: Jade

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:bulletblack: A few things you should know before you go any further on this page: :bulletblack:

This is a hate-free zone. That means no flaming or trolling or nastiness of any kind by anyone will be tolerated here. If you do so, I will remove/hide whatever insulting thing you felt it was absolutely necessary to say, but I won't retaliate. If nothing else, perhaps you will learn a lesson in maturity. That said, you will find a lot of things here that have the potential to offend sensitive, prude, ignorant, or narrow-minded people:

I'm talking about male/male art and literature.

I like men, and I especially like it when those men like other men. Twice the manly man-ness, or even three or four's a win-win. ;) On a more serious note, the male form is beautiful and underappreciated, and the love between two men is every bit as beautiful as the love between a man and a woman and deserves equal exposure and recognition. (I know the love between two women is just as beautiful, it's just not my thing.)

So if you start searching through my gallery, my faves, and my groups, you will find an abundance of beautiful, sexy men doing wonderful things. Which means, I suppose, that this page should have a filter, or at the very least, an age limit. If you're young and impressionable, run away now. If not, then come right on in.

You've been warned. If the subject matter makes you uncomfortable, then please excuse yourself without comment. I'll respect your right to like whatever art you want as long as you'll do the same for me. Freedom of expression...don't abuse it.

This means that I am a supporter of equal rights. We are all human - straight, gay, or anywhere in between - and everyone deserves equal rights. Sexual orientation doesn't make us different any more than skin color, race, religion, or any of those other things that people aren't supposed to discriminate about. Who someone loves or is attracted to romantically or sexually is nobody's business but theirs. We aren't gods. None of us has the right to judge anybody.

Anybody else interested in equal rights around the world for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, please visit It is a fantastic site and a great resource.

:bulletblack: A few other interesting tidbits about me: :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Urban fantasy is the genre that I am currently the most comfortable and happy writing. It is so deliciously fun to write, being so potentially dark and snarky and twisted, and I get to use all of my favorite fantasy creatures without feeling obligated to use a medieval setting. Big cities can be dangerous too. :plotting:

:bulletblack: I also love mythology, folklore, urban legends, ghost stories, and the like...please feel free to share if you know any good ones!

:bulletblack: I am a life-long, unapologetic night owl. I don't like mornings, and they don't like me. It's a mutual understanding. I keep long, odd hours. It's so much easier to write when there is no one awake to bother me. Just me and all my sexy boys. ;) Carpe Noctem!

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Happy New Year! :tighthug:
Happy New Year to you, Erin! :hug:
JoeyLiverwurst Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Merry Christmas, fellow unapologetic night owl!
A belated merry Christmas to you too! Night owls are the best. :D
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